1 Minute Away From The Boring Itching Caused By Mosquitoes


The season of hot and humid is on, and along with it comes the mosquitoes whirring, their bites and the red swelling.

There is a surprisingly simple cure, i.e. trick with which you can get rid of the itching caused by mosquitoes bite in one minute only.


All you need to do is to heat up a metal spoon under a very hot water (heat it for like a minute) and then press it directly on the bite. Keep it on your skin for a minute.

When you take the spoon off, the mark of the bite will disappear.

How is that possible?

When a mosquito bites us, while it’s sucking our blood, it injects certain proteins under our skin, whose purpose is to stop our blood congestion. These proteins are the causers of the itching, and they can’t stand high temperature – which you can achieve with the heated spoon.

The swelling from the bite will probably last for a couple of days, but the itching will disappear for sure.

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