10 Foods Made In China That Are Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer Causing Chemicals


Believe it or not, there’s rice in China made out of plastic. Consuming even the smallest quantities of plastic is terrible for our hormones and digestive system, and by consuming this horrible fake rice, you’re risking developing a breast cancer.

10 Foods Made In China That Are Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer Causing Chemicals

China is well known to produce various cheap products, but when it comes to food, you should ask yourself if you want a food produced from the other side of the world, not knowing what was happening to the food during this long distance process, and made as much fake as it possibly can in order to be sold at very low prices.

1.Tilapia Fish:

Tilapia is the most disgusting fish you could buy for consumption. You’ll agree on this, once you know that it lives in pools of waste water, and feeding with anything that can be found in such waters. It’s highly toxic and dangerous, and around 80% of this fish in America is brought from China

  1. Cod Fish:

This is another fish which live in their own waste, therefore dangerous to eat. Nowadays, around 50% of cod fish in America are brought from China.

  1. Apple Juice from China:

You should know that China is on the top of the list of countries which produce pesticides, and not addressing food’s pesticide and chemical residue. Having in mind that more than 50% of the American apple juice is actually coming from China, you’ll surely start avoiding it.

  1. Processed Mushrooms:

Controllers from the US discovered Chinese imported contaminated mushrooms. Some Chinese manufacturers are even labeling the processed mushrooms as organic in order to gain profit. So the best thing is to buy local organic mushrooms.

  1. Chinese Garlic:

Another thing that US controllers discovered is contaminated garlic, covered with chemicals. Around 31% of the American garlic is coming from China.

  1. Chicken:

This is another very suspicious food coming from China. The reason for our concern is because it’s coming from a country where many illnesses are developed, as well as where the production of pesticides is number one in the world.

  1. Plastic Rice:

This artificial plastic rice is produced by potatoes and artificial synthetic resin. After the rice is boiled, it hardens and isn’t cooked as the normal rice. Consuming this fake food regularly, might cause cancer.

  1. Chinese Black and White Pepper

Can you believe that some Chinese manufacturers are selling flour as white pepper, and mud as black pepper? Sadly, this is true. It’s disgusting and dangerous at the same time.

  1. Industrial Salt:

This salt is present more than 13 years as table salt, though it can cause hypothyroid problems, mental and physical problems, and disorders in the reproductive system.

  1. Green Peas:

Avoid green peas produced in China, since it contains dangerous green dye. This dye is actually forbidden to be used in food products, since it’s cancerogenic.

In our conclusion, Chinese food is the worst you can buy, since it’s coming from a country whose air and water are polluted. The food produced here is full with pesticides and toxic chemicals, so the best option is to buy your groceries from a local market where you know the supplier.

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Here’s even more foods to avoid from China: AltHealthWorks.com

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