10 Reasons That Make Your Teeth Yellow



Even though they are friends to your body and line, some ingredients that we use every day, your teeth most certainly don’t like. If you want to have a glittery smile, don’t forget to brush your teeth after these 10 ingredients.

  1. Wine

The red wine with its pigment makes the teeth yellow. Similar effect has the white wine also thanks to the tannin – a natural herb polyphenol that gives sour taste and makes the teeth yellow.

  1. Coffee

There is no darker drink than the coffee and it is its color that makes our teeth yellow. The coffee also contains tannin and it is really important to wash your teeth after drinking this favorite drink.

  1. Balsamic vinegar

This is about the tasty adding to salads made of different herbs and sugar. This popular dressing will make your salad richer but also make your teeth yellow thanks to the combination of acids and brown color.

  1. Curry

The spice coming from India has an intensive yellow color and a strong aroma that will enrich every meal in a minute. But its powerful color will stay on your teeth and that is why you should brush your teeth after eating it.

  1. Tomato sauce

The delicious and favorite to many adding to food is not a frined to your shiny smile. The reason isn’t in the red color, but in the acid that it contains.

  1. Berry fruits

Even though your body adores it, the berry fruits like raspberry, brambles, blueberry and gooseberry can make your teeth yellow. The reason is the strong color that sticks on your teeth.

  1. Sparkling drinks

The sweet sparkling juices are full of sugar that can cause cavity. These drinks, especially the strong ones and the ones with fluorescent color contain large quantities of acids that make our teeth yellow.

  1. Soy sauce

This food adding that the whole Asia enjoys since forever, gives the meals an exotic aroma, and unfortunately yellowness to your teeth. The reason is that most of the soy sauces in the stores aren’t produced with natural fermentation but the process is fastened with adding HCl that harms the surface of the teeth.

  1. Beetroot

A very healthy ingredient full of useful vitamins and minerals is a great part of everyday meals. But its strong color will stay during the preparation on your hands and on your teeth while you eat it.

  1. Tea

The teas have during the history been used for coloring the materials, and they have the same effect on your teeth. Especially strong effect have the dark teas and that is why it is good to wash your teeth after drinking tea.

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