10 Uses of the Baby Powder You Haven’t Even Thought of!


You will be surprised when you see all the different ways of using the baby powder that lays on your shelves for weeks and months, and you wonder why even bought it in the first place.


Clean your pet

The baby powder works as a dry shampoo, which means that you can freshen up the fur of your pet. This is especially useful in the winter months, when bathing is a real pain.

Cools and cleans the sheets

During the summer, a very cool idea is that is to sprinkle the sheets with a little baby powder at night to keep them cool. The powder also absorbs the sweat, so that you will wake up in a fresh and clean bed.

Absorbs the oil

If you put a little powder on the oily mark on your favorite clothes, you will be able to clean it very fast.

Freshens the books

You can use it to eliminate the humidity from the old covers and books. Sprinkle a little among the pages and leave it to stay. The book will be as new.

Gives volume to the lashes

Put a little powder on your lashes before putting on the mascara. You will get an incredible fullness and volume of the lashes.

Takes off the bad smell from the shoes

When your shoes smell bad, put baby powder in them and leave it during the night. In the morning clean it and put them on.

Against creaking

If the wooden floor creaks sprinkle baby powder in the gaps.

Eases the pain after depilation

Sprinkle your legs before depilating them. The baby powder will make a thin coat that will protect your skin from the wax.

A replacement for the deodorant

Use the baby powder until you buy a new deodorant. It absorbs the sweat and smells a lot better.

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