15 Cool Drinks That Will Help With Your Daily Difficulties

15 Cool Drinks That Will Help With Your Daily Difficulties

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The juice of pickles relaxes the muscle cramps, and tea of turmeric helps more than other drinks in sore throat. These are 15 drinks you have or you can prepare at your home for your daily health problems.

  1. Milk for muscle recovery

The milk is rich with protein and is a good choice after exercise. Proteins help the body to regenerate muscles after hard workouts. . Add a little cocoa in the milk, because milk chocolate gives better result.

  1. Green tea and grapefruit juice for weight loss

These are not wonderful potions that overnight will make you turns, but will improve your metabolism. Combined with exercise and balanced diet, green tea and grapefruit juice gives excellent support about the weight loss.

  1. Beer for better circulation

Beer relaxes blood vessels and thus improves blood circulation. It is important not to exaggerate , 250ml at day is quite enough.

  1. Cherry juice before long running

Fans of running the long run have benefit from the juice of cherries. It acts as an energy drink while running and helps in muscle recovery after training end.


  1. Ginger tea for stomach calming

Ginger have a good effect for the stomach lining and calm anxiety in him.

  1. Turmeric tea for sore throat

For sore throat it is important to drink as many fluids because dry throat hurts. Turmeric tea is slightly better choice because it works well on the lining and therefore reduces scratching throat.

  1. Coconut milk for mouth ulcers

Coconut milk is your ally to fight infections in the oral cavity. You can gargle with it or just to drink.

  1. Aloe vera for bowel movement

Aloe Vera is an excellent laxative. It encourages the work of the intestine and causes them to empty.

  1. Yoghurt for immunity

Yoghurt contains probiotic bacterias that make very healthy and good for improving immunity. He contributes in reducing inflammation and destruction of infection.

  1. Chamomile for better sleep

Chamomile tea is known that relaxes nerves and thus makes  easier sleep. It is important that the tea is not sweetened, because sugar awakens the body.

  1. Lemon juice for energy

Although we recommend for  moments  when we have a cold, then is probably already too late for the best that lemon juice can give. Drink when you are healthy, because then vitamin C will increase energy and will contribute to the prevention of diseases.

  1. Banana smoothie against hangover

Water is necessary drink during a hangover because nothing like that can you recover from dehydration. Banana or banana smoothie will help that process through to vitamin B and calcium contained.


  1. Water for bad breath

The dehydration in mouth is a perfect opportunity for the development of some bacteria that create bad breath. Water helps to prevent it, while other drinks can only exacerbate the natural PH value.

  1. Water with baking soda for bloating

Quarter tablespoon of baking soda mixed in 200 ml of water can quickly solve your problems with bloating stomach.

  1. Juice of pickled cucumbers for muscle cramps

It is not the tastiest beverage in the world, but the juice that stand cucumbers helps about cramps in legs .It helps with the cleaning of some acid from the body.

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