2 Hour Difference in Sleep Means This Much to Your Health


It is a well-known fact that getting a good night`s sleep is of utmost importance. As a matter of fact, sleep can often be a measurement of one’s wellbeing. Sadly, most people still choose to stay awake and risk waking up grumpy. Let`s not forget about the risk of being overweight too. In addition to these spooky effects of lack of sleep, it has been scientifically proven that failing to get 8 hours of sleep can negatively affect your face and skin as well.


According to a study conducted at the Sleep School in London in collaboration with a bed company known as Bensons for Beds, cutting down 2 hours of sleep, which equals 6 hours or less, can drastically affect your physical appearance. Probably the most shocking part is that the negative effects become visible within the very first week.

About 11,000 individuals participated in this study and Sarah Chalmer, the one who happily documented the results, was one of them. She got only 6 hours of sleep over the period of 5 days. Aside from the fact that she became forgetful, moody, and tired, she was hungry and craving for something sweet all the time. Finally, she had more red areas than before and her pores doubled in size. These changes were proofs that sleeping less than 10 hours causes significant, negative changes in the physical appearance.

Source: besthealthyguide.com and stethnews.com

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