This 3 Ingredient Recipe Will Make Your Bones 20 Years Younger


In this article we present you an old recipe that is more effective than the expensive remedies, gels and magnets and all that you will need are 3 ingredients.


With this recipe you can treat leg issues such as pain in the ankles, in the back, in the feet, various consequences from injuries and so on.

It was proved to be very effective at making your legs look even 20 years younger.

Needed ingredients:

-300 ml of alcohol (70%)

-100 ml of iodine

-10 aspirin pills of 300 mg

These ingredients you can find in each better equipped pharmacy. Iodine is a powerful germicide which is highly effective against many fungus, bacteria, protozoans or spores.

How to prepare:

Mix the iodine and the alcohol. Then crush the aspirin pills and add them in the mixture. Leave the solution stay in a cold and dark place for 21 days.

Use: You can massage the painful area with this solution, or just apply it as a layer.


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