3 Natural Recipes To Get Rid Of Skin With Cellulite


The cellulite is one of the most known and uncomfortable skin problems that every woman is faced with. Massages, sports, food and cosmetics are only a part of the care we need to take in order to get rid of skin with cellulite.

Here we share three natural recipes that you can practice daily, two weeks at least. They will help you regulate the cellulite and tighten your skin.


Coffee and coconut oil cream

Coffee is one of the most used ingredients for cellulite treatment. Not only that it takes off the dead cells from our skin, it has strengthening and rejuvenating effects, helps in improvement of the fat metabolism. The ingredients needed are:

¼ of cup of minced coffee

3 tablespoons of crystal sugar

2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil

Mix all the ingredients well. Rub the peeling on wet skin with circular massage movements. After that cover the skin with glassine and leave it for half an hour. Finally rinse it off with water and put hydrating skin lotion.

Algae care


3 tablespoons of algal flour

¼ glass of sea salt

¼ glass of olive oil

5-6 drops of aetheral oil by choice

Mix all the ingredients well. Rub the peeling on your skin with light massage movements and leave it for couple of minutes. After you rinse it with warm water, apply hydrating lotion.

Coffee and olive / aetheral oil peeling

One of the best aetheral oils for cellulite lowering are the grapefruit oil, orange and tangerine oil. Combine several drops of these oils with freshly minced coffee. Add as much oil as you need to make a good paste. Rub it on your skin and massage for several seconds. Then cover the skin with plastic foil and leave it for 30 minutes.

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