4 Very Important Things You Need to Know About the Urine

4 Very Important Things You Need to Know About the Urine

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The color of your urine can tell many things about your health

4 very important things you need to know for your urine, if you want to keep your health


  1. Many people urinate 7 times in one day

Of course this depends on the quantity of the food and drinks you have taken, so that way the little withdraws are not such a big deal, says Benjamin Braker urologist on the Medical University of New York.

  1. A healthy man should urinate 7 times

It depends on the man, but if your urinating lasts only two seconds, even if it’s really urgent, you probably have some infection – says Braker, and adds that in that case it is best to consult with your doctor.

3.The bladder of an adult can with stand 300 to 500 ml of urine

Believe it or not, the amount the man did not matter about the size of his bladder. This body is more or less the same in all people. If you ever wondered how it is measured in cups it is about 7 to 11 cups.

4. The color of your urine can tell a lot about your health

-No color: Your body is well hydrated, which is good news. Though, you might be exaggerating with the drinking water.

-Pale yellow: You drink enough water. Keep doing this.

-Dark yellow: The darker the color of your urine is, the more dehydrated you are. If you have reached a stadium where the color is honey yellow, start drinking water as soon as possible and in large quantities.

-Brown: You might have blood in your urine, or an infection of the liver.

-Red or rose: This is a sign that there is fresh blood in your urine, which potentially might mean that something serious is happening in your organism (it might be cancer or stone in the kidneys), if you haven’t drank some colored drink, like beetroot juice for example.

-Blue, green, orange or any other color: The possibility that this is a result of taking a colored ingredient is low. This might  be a result of taking some supplements or eventually artificial food colors.

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