5 Low Fat Foods Should NOT Eat!

5 Low Fat Foods Should NOT Eat!

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Foods with “low fat” is not automatically better and you will not always help in weight loss. Many low-fat foods, foods with low-fat and fat-free food is equally unhealthy. As many as 10 percent of low fat foods contain the same number of calories as full-fat equivalent, and 40 percent contain more sugar.

When manufacturers remove fat, they add sugar, salt and additives to food was better taste. In addition, one study found that foods with “low fat,” says those who buy them to eat a larger amount.

This 5 low fat meals are not good for you.


1) Low fat CHIPS

See what it says on the packet of low fat potato chips: One serving contains 140 calories, and plain chips 160 (less sodium). Many are deceived thinking that this version is healthier and eat more of the chips. The same goes for pretzels and cake with rice.

2) Low-fat Ice Cream or Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is not bad, but it is easy to get fooled by what you eat large order and enter a large number of calories. In addition, frozen yogurt contains 34 grams of sugar per cup, as well as ice cream.
Eat a maximum of half a cup occasionally (not every day).

3) Non Fat Yogurt

Yogurt no fat usually contain artificial colors, artificial flavors and stabilizers, as well as more sugar. And your body is required and fat yogurt to soak up vitamin D. The best is full-fat. One study from 2013 found that people who eat full-fat products have less fat in the body and less likely to become obese or of suffering heart disease.

4) Low-fat Peanut butter

Two tablespoons of plain peanut butter contains 210 calories. And the same amount of low fat butter contains 200 calories.

– In the low-fat butter put in sugar or corn syrup, as well as additives to improve taste – says nutritionist Beth Warren.

When buying butter, buy the one that has two ingredients: peanuts and salt. Since peanut butter packed with calories, you will overeat from him. Keep portions of two tablespoons a day.

5) Salad

You should eat a salad, but that avoids overflows without fat, because you’ll be hungry after them within an hour. Producers fed sugar and artificial sweeteners in the topping to make tastier.

Your salad should contain fat in it, nuts and seeds. And instead of overflows can put the avocado, because, according to one study, it helps the body more easily absorb nutrients directly from the salads.

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