5 Painful And Dangerous Consequences For The Women That Bite Their Polished Nails


The statistics estimate that approximately 30% of children, 45% young and 10% grown up people bite their nails. This habit has aesthetical consequences, but in mean time, it doesn’t only harm the look of your nails but also your health. Here is a list of the consequences of biting nails.



  1. Spoils your teeth

Because of this habit the teeth work overtime in which way your bite can suffer. Namely, during the biting the teeth aren’t in their regular position, they weaken, wasted and because of that the bite is irregular.

  1. It generally harms the health

It is known that our hands are full of bacteria and we often forget to wash our hands. By biting nails you input bacteria in your mouth and your digestive system and it can cause different infections. Even more dangerous is for the women that bite their polished nails, because the nail polish contains different kinds of chemicals harmful for the inner organs.

  1. Worsens the inflammation

This uncomfortable inflammatory process can be worsen by nail biting because in that way you transfer the bacteria and microorganisms through the little abrasions made by the teeth. It leads to inflammation, painful redness and pus on the nail.

  1. Spreads the virus warts

They usually appear on the hands. The most often are the ones caused by HPV, and the molluscum warts are spread among the children and adolescents. All the warts of caused by viruses are easily transmitted and by nail biting they can be transmitted to the face and mouth.

  1. Cause additional costs

Because of all the additional problems soon or later you will be forced to spend money on dentists, dermatologists and different medications for pain killing. So you better try to get rid of this horrible habit that brings you nothing harm.

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