5 Powerful Drinks To Cleanse The Kidneys And Filter The Bloodstream ( Recipes Included )


The kidneys’ primary function is cleaning the blood by removing toxins, waste products and excess fluid from the body. Because toxins can influence the entire body, there is no question that supporting our kidneys is crucial for maintaining our overall health.


Without a healthy and balanced diet, purified drinking water, and body cleansing, toxins can affect the function of our kidneys, liver, and other neighboring organs.

Cleansing the kidneys is a simple process and most cleanses don’t require an exhaustive supply of instruments or elements to function.

Here we present you 5 most effective kidney-cleansing drinks that can assist to maintain proper kidney function.

1. Cranberry Juice
Research shows that cranberries can help fight against urinary tract infections, possibly by minimizing the adhesion of bacteria to the urethra and bladder. Cranberries may also be beneficial for cleansing the kidneys of excess calcium oxalate, which is one of the main contributors to kidney stones. When purchasing cranberry juice, it is advisable to always choose varieties that are certified organic and free of added sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors.
2. Beet Juice
Beets contain betaine, which is a very beneficial phytochemical. It has antioxidant qualities and increases the acidity of urine. This is essential for clearing calcium phosphate and struvite accumulation from the kidneys. The removal of calcium in the kidneys not only promotes kidney function, but also minimizes the likelihood of kidney stones.

3. Lemon Juice
Lemon juice has been shown to increase citrate levels in the urine, a factor that discourages kidney stones from forming.

-For a quick lemon kidney cleanse, squeeze 4-5 lemons into a quart of cold water.
-For a warming beverage, squeeze one quarter to one half a lemon into 8 ounces of hot water daily.

4. Juice Cleanses
A juice cleanse combines the nutritional power of fruits and vegetables into one beverage. The juice of vegetables and fruits is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients necessary for facilitating the removal of toxins. This eases the strain from the colon, kidneys, and liver. Vegetables that are excellent for juicing are: celery, cucumber, zucchini, lettuce, carrots, kale, and spinach. For fruits, try apples, peeled oranges, pears, pineapple, and peaches.

5. Homemade Kidney Cleanse Beverage

For this beverage you will need:

-Fresh lemons,
-Apple cider vinegar (organic and raw),
-Purified water

Mix all these ingredients together to make a beverage that you should take over a 4 day cleansing period.

What About Supplements?

There’s no concern that certain nutrients are beneficial for kidney health, but many people don’t get enough in their diet regime. That’s where kidney cleansing supplements can be helpful. The best ones contain herbs have had their active compounds extracted and improved to maximize efficacy. There are a number of herbs out there and a supplement like Renaltrex is a great supply for many.

Source:  www.explicitgists.com

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