5 Summer Skin Problems and How to Avoid Them!

5 Summer Skin Problems and How to Avoid Them!

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Summer has begun, and with it the various forms of enjoyment, but for many it began the season with skin problems. Of course, the most common summer skin problems are sunburn. Therefore, it is important to be well protected. But there are still some problems that are related with summer heat and can you ruin summer fun.


Candidiasis is a type of infection caused by fungi of the genus Candida. This disease occurs when the skin is exposed to the fungus yeast. We have throughout the year wearing this fungus, but in the summer months they can to the tracking control. The more you sweat, the greater the chance that the disease occurs. Prevented or treated with an: Prevent Candidiasis so you‘ll stay clean. The best prevention is regular showering, especially if you sweat a lot. Wash with soap that contains zinc pyrithione and which prevents the growth of yeast.


2) Rash (contact dermatitis)

During the summer you can walk encounter poison ivy, which will quickly ruin your day. The medical name for this type of rash is contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis refers to any skin reaction in contact with something that leads to a rash or allergic reactions. It can cause itching, redness and peeling of the skin. Severe cases can cause blisters and swelling.

Besides poison ivy, causes irritation can be lavender and daffodil.

Prevented or treated with an: The best way to prevent the contact dermatitis is to be very careful while walking in nature. Explore what it looks like poison ivy. Do you pass through the tall grass, and if you do not have to hold up strewn roads. If you are already drop down, use hydrocortisone. But if the rash is strong, you may need a prescription and a dermatologist.

3) Bites Beetle 

The bugs are not only annoying, but can be challengers and some serious conditions such as Lyme disease and West Nile virus. If ceset bugs bite almost bleeding, can also cause infection. Since the summer months wear less clothes, our skin is exposed to bites.

Production of carbon dioxide and mixtures of lipids in the skin determines whether you will be attractive to bugs. We need to produce carbon dioxide, and as far as lipids, their mixtures with each person varies slightly.

Prevented or treated with an Unfortunately, a mixture of lipids in the skin depends on genetics. You can not change your DNA, but there are some preventive measures for avoiding bites. Recommended means of protection against insects containing N, NDiethylmetatoluamide, or lemon eucalyptus oil.


4) Folliculitis 

If you work in the workers’ suit or something spandex, you can easily develop folliculitis, especially in the summer months. Bacteria such as yeast like heat. They thrive in warm, moist and dark environment. Summer Sweat is a dream for them. Folliculitis manifests itself as red bumps or pimples and is most commonly found on the shoulders, thighs and buttocks.

Except as may be developed due to wearing tight clothing, can be transferred over the tub.

Prevented or treated with an: If you frequently sweat or if you are doing yoga, be sure to take a shower. Change your clothes as often as you can and try not to wear spandex for the entire day. Take a shower immediately after exercise. If you suspect that you have folliculitis, Consult a dermatologist to prescribe an antibacterial agent.

5) Molluscum Virus

This virus is most common in children. Although not much is dangerous, it is very irritating. It causes Whitish partially transparent bumps on the skin. These bumps can last up to four years.

This virus is propagated in chlorinated water, which is why it usually is during the summer. May be carried forward and touch. The reason that is so common in children is that the immune system of children weaker in contact with him.

Prevented or treated with an: Prevention of Molluscum can be complicated. No one wants to avoid the pools during the entire flight. Please check with the owner of the pool so that the water is properly chlorinated. It is also important to gather as soon as you exit the pool. Maintaining hygiene is the surest way to prevent this virus.

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