6 Diseases Your Lack of Sleep Could Be Causing


If you’re one of those people not too worried whether they’ll get a proper good night’s sleep, you should take a look of the 6 diseases that appear as a result of lack of sleep.


There are various things that can disrupt our sleep, such as our numerous daily tasks that we do in our homes before bedtime, or late tasks at work. This can happen to any of us, but if we do this for a longer period, not sleeping 6-8 hours, it’s likely that we’ll feel the bad consequences.

Risking The Health of Your Bones and Heart is Not a Good Idea

If you really care for your health, start sleeping enough time. We give you 6 reasons that will hopefully make you want to sleep more:
Diabetes – usually, poor diet is an effect of lack of sleep since these people probably prefer junk food, and eat more as oppose to people with proper sleep routine. This can lead to a greater chance of diabetes development.

Stroke – hypertension and greater toxins levels which increase the risk of stroke are directly linked to lack of sleep.

Osteoporosis – this and similar unpleasant conditions affecting the bones, can appear as a result of permanent sleep insufficiency. The reason for this is because when you sleep less than 6 hours, the mineral bone density gradually lowers.
More Equally Unpleasant and Scary Health Conditions

Breast cancer – people with insufficient sleep time are likely to deal with this horrible disease. If you want to prevent this, start enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Memory loss – if you don’t sleep enough, the brain won’t have enough time to refresh and regenerate. Over a certain time, the result can be memory loss that can even become permanent if proper measures aren’t been taken.
Incontinence – sometimes you can visit the bathroom at night even if you don’t have the need to do anything there. However, if this starts happening often, it’ll ruin your sleep. The next time you wake up at night, try to stay in bed, of course if you don’t have bladder problem.

Missing a couple of hours of our sleep can lead to many side effects, besides being tired the next day. Having said all this, you should seriously try to have a good sleep of 6 to 8 hours a day.

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