6 Foods that are Terrible for the Teeth!

6 Foods that are Terrible for the Teeth!

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Some things are very bad for your teeth: soft drinks, sweets, energy drinks – each of which contains a lot of sugar, and he is one of the main culprits for tooth decay. If you care about oral hygiene, you probably avoid these things. But that does not mean that you keep your teeth – these six foods have hidden enemies of beautiful teeth.

1)    Citrus

Vitamin C from oranges is important to maintain the collagen in the gums, but if you overstate citrus, can endanger your teeth.

– If you have citrus in constant contact with your teeth, can soften and erode your enamel. Enamel does not regenerate.

How you prevent :

After eating some citrus or drink a glass of juice, drink a glass of water. After 20 minutes, brush your teeth. After eating lemon, teeth are you softer, which means that the strong rubbing may damage the enamel.


Almonds contain a large amount of vitamin E and a lot of healthy fats that you are filling. But not so kind to teeth.

– They are very hard, so that you can break a tooth while biting .

How to prevent :

Do not eat whole almonds, rather than chopped. In this way will reduce the possibility of cracking teeth.


3) Acidic foods

Sour pickles are perfect for sandwiches: they have few calories and a nice taste. But can be a problem for teeth.

– Food pickled has a high level of acidity due to vinegar. It can demineralization your teeth .

In addition, acidic foods often contain sugar, one of the culprits of tooth decay.

How to prevent :

After eating something pickled, eat a piece of cheese. It is not acidic and has a high level of calcium, there by neutralize the many acids.


Dry fruits have high levels of sugar, because all the water is sucked out of it, so that the sugar can easily hook onto the teeth. And when the sugar sticks to the teeth, can attract a lot of bacteria that can linger long.

How to prevent :

It would be best to eat dry fruit only at home. You immediately after nibbling dry fruits able to drink a glass of water, and after 20 minutes, brush your teeth.


Coffee is full of antioxidants, but also painting your teeth. During the painting process, bacteria can easily accumulate and retain the teeth.

How to prevent:
You do not have to constantly drink coffee to color your teeth. Are sufficient two to three cups a day. If you are unable to reduce the amount of coffee, drink the ice coffee and drink it with a straw to minimize contact with the teeth. And instead of sugar get into it a little milk.


Butter is sticky and long stays in contact with your teeth, so it is easy to get cavities.

How to prevent:

Find a natural variant of butter, no added sugar, which is the main culprit for butter sticking to your teeth.


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