6 Natural Remedies For Anemia!

6 Natural Remedies For Anemia!

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If you suffer from a lack of iron, try tea nettle, horseradish leaves or nuts. You will repair your blood count.
Despite the fact that iron one of the most common elements in nature, about two billion people, mostly women and children, suffering from anemia, lack of iron in the blood.

And when there is not enough iron, there is no transport of oxygen to the cells, and consequently the proper functioning of muscles, as well as numerous biochemical reactions in the body.

Of course, like any other health problem, and anemia are best treated under the supervision of doctors and natural medicine only accelerate the formation of iron in the body. That’s why we have for you taking the six best natural remedies that help you easily win this disease.


Nettle tea

Teaspoon of nettle leaves Pour 2 dl of boiling water and let sit for five minutes. Tea wring and drink until lukewarm. The recommended dose is three cups per day.


Mix the same amount of nettle leaves, sage, thyme and mint. Teaspoon of tea mixture cover with 2.5 dl of cold water, cook for one minute, then let sit for five minutes. Wring, sweeten with honey and add lemon juice. Daily needs to drink at least two cups or about half a liter of tea.

Horseradish Tea

In one liter of water put 20 g of horseradish root and cook for about 20 minutes. Let stand overnight, wring, drink two cups of tea a day, preferably between meals.


Cook 20 g of fresh leaves of walnut for 15 minutes in a liter of water, then wring. Drink one cup a day, before lunch.

Tincture of garlic

Clean and wash 300g garlic, pour him a liter of pure alcohol and let sit for three weeks. Three times a day, drink 20 drops of tincture that you added to half a glass of milk.


Mix well 250 g of cocoa, 250 g of yellow sugar, 250 g honey, 250 g butter, 2 teaspoons sea salt, 7 tablespoons of apple vinegar. Pour into jars and take three times a day for one tablespoon of cream.

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