8 Foods That Stimulate The Growth Hormone


Pineapple – The pineapple is abundant with the satisfaction hormone – serotonin. Eat it later in the day in order to improve your sleeping and to encourage the male hormone.


Vitamin D – Scientists from the University of Oslo explained that the lack of vitamin D is directly related to the lower level of the male hormone but the fish of the species salmon, supplies 271% more than the recommended daily dose of 100g.

Foods rich in glutamine – Scientist also discovered that only 2 branches food is abundant in the amino acid glutamine and that is the yogurt, it is sufficient enough to raise the production of growth hormone.

Foods with melatonin – Foods that abound with melatonin are increasing the growth hormone by 157%. It is enough to add little raspberry in your flakes and the hormone will be encouraged to grow. This is recommended by the Clinical Endocrinology.

Coconut oil – In order to encourage the creation of growth hormone and to improve the resistance while training add a little coconut oil to your shake before.

Vegetables – If you feel hungry before training, choose any kind of vegetables. They are great source of L- arginine, which increases the level of hormones after only 1 hour of consuming.

Green beans – The green beans abounds with L- dopin which stimulates the production of the hypothesis of the growth hormone which is need for building the muscles.

Beef – The proteins from beef and the amino acids inside it help assist on the synths of the L – orotonin, who stimulates the growth hormone to 4 times.

Source: healthyfoodstar.com

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