8 Powerful Home Cures For Acidity

8 Powerful Home Cures For Acidity

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Do you have gastro esophageal reflux or acidity also known? And do you have the need for antacids daily? This acid reflux is common named as heartburn. It means this is the pain you have in the chest and up the throat. GERD happens when the bile material, acid or food remains (pancreas juices) go up the esophagus. The acid climbs up the esophagus and inflames it, makes irritations and scars too. This can damage the esophagus and shrink it even. It becomes hoarse, burning, you cough, have nausea, eroded teeth, asthma and wheezing too. And all this makes you at risk for esophagus cancer.


The cause of this issue and finding it means it can be cured if found in time. Those obese and elder are at bigger risk for this. Also, the fat on the abdomen alters the sphincter of the esophagus and it gets weaker as we age or become obese. This same muscle also is impacted by foods and drinks like spicy food, coffee, nicotine and alcohol too.

This issue is of course cured and we have some cures for you in this article that you must try for the GERD.

Aloe vera juice

This lowers the acid amount in the belly and spasms in it too. Have 2 oz aloe per day and buy the one organic and still raw. The processed aloe can make a damage on the body.

Lemon juice

The lemons reduce acidity. Have a cup of this juice mixed with warm water every morning after waking up. This helps in the acid amounts in the belly and makes the digestion better too.

Baking soda

The cure that only a strong belly can handle. The taste is not good we must admit, but it is worth it. Before bed at night, have a mix of soda and water. This makes balance of alkalinity and acidity in the belly. The mix is made of 1 tbsp soda and 1 cup water.

Weight loss

If we gain weight in the abdomen this is a big risk. The sphincter works less and less. The ability of the muscle to prevent acids is weakened and bile easily goes from the belly to the esophagus. This is basically pushing the acid of the belly and pumping It upwards when we are in horizontal position. Those with hyperacidity suffer the most. The belly makes a lot acid and this feels like burning inside. Those acids when mixed with heartburn make inside problems and cysts or scars. Reduce the GERD signs and the acid making by losing a bit weight and body fat.

No acidic foods

This slightly helps, but it is good anyway. Remove coffee, fats, greasy foods and really caloric foods.

Cold milk

The milk has a lot of calcium and this reduces the belly acids and even absorbs them! The hyperacidity is lowered and you feel that instantly. Shave the cold milk and relieve the belly and throat too.


This fruit has potassium and reduces the belly acids. Also, this fruit has abilities to make more belly mucus which is healthy. This mucus is a layer of protection for the belly walls inside and stops the acids to damage it.

Tulsi leaf

This plant is similar to the banana and makes more belly mucus that keeps the belly safe off damage. Chew several leaves, 5-6 and lessen hyperacidity pain.

If you are fed up of antacids daily, skip the meds and try some of our advices. They are homemade, DIY, natural, healthy, with no side effects and with the write time and amounts, there is no harm only benefits. They are all natural but just in case, check to see if you are allergic to some food items and talk with your doctor.

Source: onlinehealthsociety.com

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