9 Top Combinations Of Foods To Be In Perfect Health!

9 Top Combinations Of Foods To Be In Perfect Health!

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Some healthy foods obtained purely unbelievable power when combined with other healthy foods. The researchers studied which foods work best combined and discovered fascinating things. If you eat this combination, you will be in perfect health.

1) Oatmeal and Juice of Orange


One American study found that drinking orange juice (which is rich in vitamin C) during eating Oat porridge cleaning out your arteries and prevent heart attack two times more efficiently than when at breakfast enter one or the other separately. Organic compounds, phenols, can be found in both of these foods and stabilize the so-called “bad” cholesterol when eaten together.


2) Broccoli and Tomatoes


A new American study has shown that this combination prevents prostate cancer, but it was not established why. Scientists from the University of Illinois have conducted studies on rats and showed that the treatment of broccoli and tomatoes effective only castration.

3) Blueberry and Grapes


What varied fruits you eat, the healthier you will be. One American study investigated the antioxidant capacity of different types of fruit (apples, oranges, blueberries, grapes) and compared with the combination of fruit. It was found that a mixture of fruit has better antioxidant effect. It is particularly healthy combination of blueberries and grapes, but the more fruit you eat, that’s better.

4) Apple and Chocolate


Apples are known for having high levels of quercetin, flavonoids, which act against inflammation, and which has the most in use. Quercetin reduces the risk of allergy, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, as well as the risk of prostate cancer and lung cancer.

On the other hand, chocolate, grapes, red wine and tea contain flavanoid catechin, an antioxidant that reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and cancer. Together, quercetin and catechin improve the health of the cardiovascular system.

5) Lemon and Kale


Vitamin C helps iron plant origin better absorbed. If you combine them vitamin C from citrus, from green leafy vegetables, strawberries, tomatoes and broccoli with iron from kale, spinach, whole grains and leek, will improve the immune system and strengthen the muscles much more efficiently than when you eat these foods separately.

6) Soy and Salmon


It is true that soy reduces the number of sperm, but it only applies to processed soy – soy cheese, soy milk, and the like. This means that the strain in unprocessed form perfectly healthy if consumed moderately. Isoflavones from soy called genistein inhibits enzymes in the colon and prostate, which increases the amount of vitamin D in these tissues. A higher level of vitamin D offers better protection against cancer. A salmon and tuna are rich in vitamin D, so it will be a combination of the perfect meal of salmon and tofu.

7) Peanut Butter and Cereals


According Dajen Birt at the University of Iowa, certain amino acids that are not found in wheat is peanuts. Rarely in one meal, you can enter a whole chain amino acids (the best form of protein), which are responsible for building and maintaining muscle, especially in old age. So it turns out that peanut butter sandwich is not unhealthy if it is stored with bread from wheat kernels of whole and eat moderately. So it’s good to exercise immediately after eating the sandwich, instead of drinking an energy shake.

8) Meat and Rosemary


Frying meat on an open flame produces carcinogens, but if experimenting with spices, you can reduce their bad effects. Rosemary goes well with all meat from the grill and contain antioxidants – rosemary acid and carnosic acid. A recent study has shown that it reduces the amount of heterocyclic amines, which are found in meat roasted on 190-200 degrees. It is believed that antioxidants from rosemary literally soak up dangerous free radicals from the meat.

9) Fish and Garlic

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Most seafood contains a large number of nutrients: minerals such as zinc, iron, copper, iodine and selenium together form the best natural oil that acts against inflammation and lowers cholesterol. And if you store fish with garlic, reduce the total amount of cholesterol better than to eat only fish. Garlic maintains low levels of “bad” cholesterol.

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