9 Tricks That Will Help You Recognize if the Honey is Pure and Natural


Some people have a habit of consuming honey throughout all the year, as we know this is a food worth gold, full of vitamins and minerals, it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

We are often in a dilemma, whether we have found a real natural and pure honey.

That is why you should find a bee farmer and buy directly from him.



9 tricks that will help you recognize if the honey is pure and natural

  1. Rub a little honey with your fingers – thumb and point finger until it falls apart. Some of the honey will be absorbed in the skin because the natural honey is good for your skin. The natural honey is not sticky. If what you touch is sticky, the honey has sugar and artificial sweeteners in it.
  2. Put a couple of drops of honey on a paper or paper towel. The natural honey won’t soak in the paper for a longer time, because it doesn’t contain water.
  3. Pour a little honey near ants. The honey – bees build baskets on the trees. They put honey to protect from the other insects like the ants. Ants will stay away from the honey.
  4. Fill a glass with water and add 1 teaspoon of honey. The pure honey will fall down on the bottom and the fake honey will start to melt.
  5. Spread honey on a slice of bread. The natural honey will harden the bread in a couple of minutes. The artificial honey will wet the bread because it contains honey.
  6. The natural honey will give you a feeling of stinging in your mouth right before you swallow it. The fake honey can’t do that.
  7. See if the honey crystallizes after a longer time. The fake honey will stay in a condition in the form of syrup, while the natural will crystallize.
  8. Put the head of the matches in the honey, then try to burn it. If the matches burn, the honey is natural, while the artificial honey contains water it will not allow the matches to burn.
  9. Put 2 or 3 tablespoons of honey in a microwave. Warm it. The natural honey will caramelize quickly and won’t make foam. The fake honey will be full of bubbles.

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