A Cure Written In The Bible, 3500 Years Old!


The olive tree is mentioned in the Bible for more than 1000 times, but because the most popular part of it nowadays are the olives, many of us don’t know that the stem itself, and the leaves can be incredibly healing.


The most important ingredient in the leaves of the olive tree is the oleuropein, which owns the amazing antibacterial properties.

The olive leaves improve the health condition among the vast number of diseases which are caused by microbes. It also helps with flu, meningitis, hepatitis B, inflammation of the lungs, gonorrhea, chronic fatique, botulism, gastritis and herpes. On the other hand, it can be of great assistance for infections of the urine bubble and pathways. Olive leaves stop the obstruct and infections incurred by fungi.

Drinking olive leaves tea helps in recovery of the immunity and also serves to recover energy in the beleaguered body, for example after chemotherapy. The leaves of the olive tree are very healing and can help to elections with many viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi. Therefore they have a strong impact on your health.

All you need for the tea are 15 to 20 dried olive leaves. Add the leaves in 200, 300ml of boiling water and let them stay on fire for 2 or 3 minutes. Then remove them from the heat and leave them to stay in the water about 10 minutes, then filter the tea. You can drink this tea cold or warm, with honey, lemon or fresh. You should drink the tea every day to experience improvement. Also, a preventive drinking is recommended in order to trick the aforementioned diseases.

It is best to pick the leaves during the spring, when they are young. Wash them and let them air dry. Keep them in a contained, hidden from sunlight.

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