A Month After Eating Two Bananas A Day: The Effect Will Leave You Breathless!


Today people are “too busy” to have healthy diet, so they choose to eat fast food instead of eating healthy vegetables and fruits.


The nutritionists cannot understand why most of the people from the Western populations are eating this unhealthy food, when they can afford natural foods that will provide them with the needed nutrients.

The bananas are the food choice of monkeys, which is normal because this fruit is delicious and nutritious. Bananas are also very rich in many necessary nutrients for our body.

According to the nutritionists, only one month after eating two bananas a day, your health will be greatly improved!

Learn how and why:

-Bananas have low amounts of sodium, but it is extremely rich in potassium, which is perfect for regulation of blood pressure and improving heart health. The scientists discovered that daily consummation of bananas can lower the possibility of heart attack by 40%

-If you are experiencing problems in your digestive system like constipation, you should eat several bananas. They are rich source of fiber and deal with these problems in your intestines quit easily.

-You are weak and exhausted? Bananas will give you the necessary energy. They are great choice for a snack before exercising. This is why the athletes always carry a banana in their bag!

-Bananas are very effective remedy for heartburn since they are rich source of antacid, normalizing this unpleasant condition.

-If your body lacks of iron, bananas are here to help. The substances contained in banana promote blood cell and hemoglobin production which is very useful for anemic people.

-Deals with coughs and sore throat

-Tryptophan is crucial for our organism, since the body transforms this substance into serotonin (hormone for happiness). Every time you are feeling bad or depressed, the bananas are here for you!

-Scientists revealed that the students who are having banana for breakfast or snack have much better concentration levels than the other students. The potassium improves the brain function and its memory.

-Pregnant women should eat bananas in order to go through the pregnancy easier and smoother. Banana increases the blood sugar levels, which is required when the pregnant women feel morning sickness.

Source: healthylivinghouse.com

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