A Recipe From a Mother – She Beat The Allergy That Occurred at Her Child


In Dr Malachov’s TV programme for curing allergies in a natural way, emitted on the Russian television, a mother explained how she beat the allergy that occurred at her child.

“I want to tell all the people that they can beat the allergy that little children have and completely cure them or at least lessen it.

My son had a strong allergy when he became a month old. When he turned one year old, I was advised to cure him in the following way:


  1. I gave him minced egg crusts
  • I boiled the crusts in boiling water and then let them dry. After this I minced them to powder. From the powder I took a pinch sprinkled a little lemon juice and gave this to the child twice a day.
  1. I gave my child a tea
  • I poured 1l of boiled water over one glass of wild briar fruits and 5 little bay leafs. I put this mixture in a jar in a fridge to stay for two days. After this I filtered the tea in another jar that I kept in a fridge also.

I gave my child 1 tablespoon of this tea 4 times a day

After 3 weeks of treatment, the allergy that had bothered us for a very long time, disappeared without a trace.

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