A Simple Recipe With Lemon Peel For Painful Joints


The lemon is an extremely useful fruit that offers numerous health benefits. There are a wide range of medicinal properties and it can help in case of different health issues, positive impact on the stomach, liver, and for strengthening the immune and cardiovascular system.


The lemon is also an extremely effective in the prevention of various diseases such as kidney stones, high blood pressure, flu, colds, bronchitis and the like.

As a remedy not only the lemon juice is used, but also it’s extremely healing crust, which can help to get rid of joint pain!


2 lemons

Olive oil

Glass jar


Peel the lemon and put the peel in a glass jar. Then pour olive oil in the jar, close it and leave it in a dark and cold place for two weeks. After this time, strain the mixture through gauze and store the medicinal oil in a dark glass bottle, in a cold place away from sunlight.


Rub the painful joints regularly. It gives the best results if you do it in the evening before bedtime. If you can’t put a layer over night, then apply the same procedure during the day and stay calm for 3-4 hours.

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