After These 3 Things, You May Never Drink Carbonated Drinks

After These 3 Things, You May Never Drink Carbonated Drinks

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Soda, soda, soda .. Despite the fact that you know how harmful to your health, and continue to delight you open a bottle of your favorite soda and drink it regularly. But I still read some useful advice that will perhaps help to at least reduce consumption of carbonated drinks.

Create body fat

It is a dangerous fat that is impossible to see with the naked eye. It is very likely that you will not even notice that you have health problems because you will not notice changes in your body. Danish researchers conducted a study in which they asked participants to drink or sweetened, carbonated soft drinks or six months to drink only water. In the end it turned out that for people who are regularly used carbonated beverages has been a drastic increase in harmful hidden fat in the liver.


Diet will not help

This is a very logical assumption. If soda pop with sugar replace those with no sugar, will improve your health. On the other hand, diet, carbonated soft drinks can be extremely hazardous to you. Studies have shown that adults who drink diet soda have a 70% greater waist circumference than those who did not drink anything carbonated.

Quickly will you get older

Spend thousands and thousands of dollars on anti-wrinkle creams, personal trainers and a variety of vitamins and have not kicked sodas? This little pleasure can bring a lot of problems such as kidney problems and can destroy teeth. Soda contains phosphoric acid, and it is so powerful that even kills bacteria, but every time you open a bottle of soda and you hear the sound of his tantalizing simply can not resist it. Research in 2010 showed that mice that were in the room where the greater amount of phosphate died five weeks before mice in a room with a small amount of the same.

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