Alarming! You Drink Water From Plastic Bottles? Did You Know It Can Kill You?


The packaging can be dangerous

You don’t drink water from the tub, but instead you prefer the water in bottles? You’re making an awful mistake because the chemical composition of the packaging of the water could be dangerous for your health. Read what the signs on the packaging mean:


  1. PET (or PETE)-These bottles are for one use only. There is a possibility that they let off hard metals antimony, chemical material EPA that disturbs the hormone function, these bottles let off cancer-causing elements also.
  1. HDP (sometimes HDPE)-It is about a good plastic for which there is less chances of letting off chemicals in the water.
  1. PVC (sometimes 3V)-This lets off two poisonous chemicals in the water, and they both disturb the hormone work in the human body. Besides that, this is still the most used plastic for bottles.
  1. LDPE-Plastic that doesn’t let off chemicals in the water. But, imagine, they are not used for making bottles, but for making bags for ingredients.
  1. PP-Another good plastic, usually with no color. It is used for bottles for syrups or yoghurt.
  1. PS-It lets off STIREN – a cancer causing material, in the water. It is mostly used for coffee cups for one usage or food packaging.
  1. PC (or no sign at all)-It is the worst plastic for food products because it lets off BPA. Unfortunately it is used fo baby bottles, sport bottles and dishes for preparing food.

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