Alkaline Water Kills Cancer!? How to Make It!


The acidic or alkaline environment is determined by its pH level. If the value of a certain environment is above 7, then it’s alkaline, and if it’s below 7, it’s acidic. Since the pH level of the rain water is 7, it’s considered to be neutral.


Anyway, you can’t determine the pH value of the human body, since each organ has its specific pH value.

For example, the pH of the digestive tract varies from 1.5-7, the saliva has a pH ranging from 6.5-7.0, while the human skin has a pH of 5.5.

A healthy body has a blood with slightly alkaline pH value, ranging between 7.35-7.45. It’s the kidneys and the lungs that are responsible for keeping this balance. If the balance is somehow disturbed, our overall health is affected.

In such case when the body’ natural pH balance is disturbed, i.e. becomes too alkaline or too acidic, the cells which are healthy will become toxic, resulting in their death. Furthermore, the body fights to keep its natural pH value by holding surplus acidic substances in specific parts of the organs, leading to an increase of their acidity. Consequently, chronic imbalance of the pH values damages the tissues inside the body resulting in possible malignancy, since it causes cell mutation or cell death.

A worst case scenario would be occurrence of metastasis, meaning that the dead cells live on acidic in the body, while the malignant or mutated cells keep growing and spreading to other parts or body organs.

Nowadays, diets include a lot of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and highly processed foods, making the body overly acidic and with poor immune system, fatigue and chronic headaches, and different digestive issues.

This is why alkaline water is greatly beneficial to our health.

Alkaline water provides a lot better hydration to the whole system, leading to improved overall health.

Moreover, it is highly beneficial for the brain, since the most part of it is constituted by water.

If water has a pH value between 8 and 9, it’s alkaline, meaning it’s a base. Learn how to prepare alkaline water following the instructions below:

Recipe for Alkaline water


2l purified water

1 tablespoon Himalayan salt (available in any healthy food store)

1 organic lemon (wash it and slice it)


Pour water in a glass jar until it’s filled, and add the lemon slices without squeezing out the juice. Then add the Himalayan salt, and cover the jar and allow it to stand overnight at a room temperature.

The following morning have 3 glasses of the prepared water on an empty stomach.


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