An Unusual Weapon Against Hypertension – Curing With Water


Water is the only natural substance used by people since forever. However, the abilities of the water aren’t studied totally. It has already been proven that most illnesses occur because there is a lack of water in the organism. It is also known that the energy of the water, not only formulates our body, but is an active participant in all the physiological processes in it.

There is an opinion that with the help of water hypertension (high blood pressure) can be cured/ the mechanism of this method towards the organism isn’t cleared totally, but many people claim that it helps.


An unusual weapon against hypertension – curing with water

Several years ago, in a Russian newspaper, there has been an article from an alternative medicine doctor, who has been curing hypertension with an unusual method – with water. Here is the comment and experience of a woman that used this method and claims it helped.

“In the evening, fill a glass with 250 ml of water. Leave it during the night (for 12 hours). In the morning, massage your head with your fingers, stretch out and stand up. Take the glass of water and another one empty stomach.

Raise the glass of water high above your head and pour the water in the empty glass, which you hold in your other hand. Do this for 30 times, pouring the water from one glass to the other. Then, you should drink the water enriched with oxygen instantly, in small sips. It is best to do this in the morning, on an empty stomach, an hour before the breakfast.

At the beginning my hands were shaking, I was spreading the water all over, but then I got used to it. It is best to use bigger glasses. This treatment should be done every morning for one month. After this I noticed that the pressure has been lowered, stabilized, and the pain and sickness has gone.”

This is the first time we meet such a method. My opinion is that there is a psychological moment present here. But, it is worth to try. Anyway, it won’t cost you anything. Because, it all comes from our head and if a man believes in what he’s doing, it is a great power and advantage in whatever he’s doing, even in curing some illness.

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