Apple Cider Vinegar-Good for Acne, Bladder, Sinuses!

Apple Cider Vinegar-Good for Acne, Bladder, Sinuses!

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Medicine from Nature: A mixture of vinegar and water drought acne, the drinking water with a few tablespoons of apple vinegar alleviate bad breath and help with painful sinuses.

Apple vinegar have always been used as a natural remedy against the disease, but also as an ally of slenderness and beauty. Due to its antiseptic properties, it is considered a natural antibiotic and is ideal to use unpasteurized vinegar whose pH is between 5:07.

The most commonly used way to 2-3 tablespoons apple vinegar placed in a glass of lukewarm water and drink, and if you want to tangle and speed up metabolism that you should do before every meal. For the treatment of skin infections, pigmentation spots or acne two teaspoons of apple vinegar should be added to 120 ml of water and applied on the skin.

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All the well-being of apple cider vinegar:

-Reduces the frequency of throat infections and sinus infections

-Lowers elevated cholesterol

-It is treated acne

-It protects the stomach lining and intestines from food poisoning

-Boosts immunity and protects against allergies

-Preventive influences on muscle fatigue after strenuous workouts

-Accelerates metabolism and weight loss

-Helps with digestion

-It relieves the symptoms of arthritis and gout

-Prevents the formation of urinary stones and inflammation

-Eliminates bad breath

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