Apricot Kernels for Cancer: The Real Story


A biochemist from 1950s, Dr. Ernest Krebs, had a desire to figure out what makes cancer cells work.

This desire of his has led him to find out a possible solution to overcoming cancer.


Working on a guess that this disease is actually a metabolic reaction to a poor diet, he started analyzing the Hunzas’ lifestyle habits. These people live in a remote country near Northern Pakistan.

Apricot Kernels and The Hunzas
Back in 1930s, Major Sir Robert McCarrison had a post with the Indian Medical Service, where he wrote about the Hunzas.

He described them as extremely healthy people, with almost perfect mental and physical health, and incredibly long lifespan (some were over the age of 135). They showed no signs of obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, or even cancer.

So what made these people so strong?

Their vitality was very much connected with their overall lifestyle but most importantly with their choice of food. As McCarrison explains, they consumed raw milk, occasional bone broth and meat, veggies and fresh grains. Their sugar intake was extremely low, and their lifestyle as herders and nomads ensured they have a lot of vigorous exercise.

One other characteristic of Hunzas, was that they consumed large amounts of apricot seed kernels.

McCarrison was very much intrigued by this uncommon habit, so he researched until he discovered what he believed was the secret weapon for complete destruction of tumor- amygdalin.

More About Amygdalin

This compound is sustained in more than 1200 edible plants found in nature, and the standard American diet mostly lacks it, which may come as no surprise.

Apricot seed kernels contain the highest amounts of amygdalin as well as the most effective accompanying enzymes.

Laetrile is a substance made by Dr. McCarrison, and it presents a concentrated form of amygdalin, extracted from apricot kernels. McCarrison called it B17, since the structure of amygdalin (which is a nitriloside) is most alike to that of B complex vitamin.

How Come Apricot Kernels Are A Cancer Killer?

Laetrile and amygdalin sustained in apricot kernels include 4 powerful substances. You may be surprised but two of them are cyanide and benzaldehyde.

One of the substances responsible for the immense power of apricot kernels in the combat with cancer, including breast cancer, is the cyanide.

Some quantities of this substance are contained in many healthy foods such as millet, bitter almonds, spinach, lima beans, and bamboo shoots, and still they are completely safe to eat.

The reason is because cyanide stays “locked” in the substance, which is why is harmless upon bounding with other formations of molecules.

Moreover, our body has another enzyme called rhodanese, whose function is to “snatch” any free molecules of cyanide that might have escaped, and make them completely harmless.

Cancer cells include beta-glucosidase, which isn’t contained in the healthy cells. This enzyme, beta-glucosidase, is known as “unlocking enzyme” for the benzaldehyde and cyanide in amygdalin molecules.

Once an amygdalin molecule is unlocked by beta-glucosidase in a cancer cell, there’s a creation of toxic synergy which specifically targets cancer cells.

Healthy cells aren’t harmed in this process since they are protected by rhodanese and other similar enzymes.

A Potentially Powerful Cancer Therapy- Laetrile
Laetrile was available up to 1971, when it was banned in America by the FDA.

It is possible to create laetrile, but nowadays, the simplest way to ingest amygdalin is by direct consummation of apricot kernels. They are available in most health food stores, and are as well at a reasonable price.

There are still some clinics outside U.S which administer B17 therapy. Laetrile is usually added to other therapies like sodium bicarbonate.

If you think that the therapy with B17 is convenient for your condition, make sure you inform about the dosage and possible negative effects. Consult your doctor about your specific condition.

Although the mystery of the incredible vitality of Hunza people remains, one thing is for sure- their simple and stress-free lifestyle, including their way of working, eating, moving their bodies, and interacting, have made them models of the health we are all capable to have if we decide to heal our body in a natural way.

Source: healthandbeautypower.com

Other included links in Health And Beauty Power’s article: thetruthaboutcancer.com and oasisofhope.com

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