Bananas Could Totally Replace Potatoes Very Soon!

Bananas Could Totally Replace Potatoes Very Soon!

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A new research has found out that as a result of the climate changes, the banana family could become the key food for millions of people.

Researchers from the “CGIAR” agricultural partnership said that this fruit can replace the potatoes in some developing countries.


The people will have to get used to the new food because the traditional fruits are falling behind and lose their fight for survival.

This research predicts that the cultivation of three main caloric grains: corn, rice and wheat will fall behind in many developing countries. Researchers added that the potatoes, that work best in colder zones, can suffer fall in production as a result of temperature rise and climate changes. The researchers polemize the fact that this changes can make room for growing certain kinds of bananas on higher elevation above sea level, even on spots that nowadays potatoes are grown. There are several hundred kinds of bananas among which is the plantain, a floury and full of starch banana, just like the potatoes, assigns BBC.

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