Beautiful, Delicious and Healthy, the Health Benefits of Raspberry!!!

Beautiful, Delicious and Healthy, the Health Benefits of Raspberry!!!

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Beautiful, delicious and healthy, these are just some of the words that describe raspberry. Raspberry is used in various applications, it is excellent for creating a variety of juices, compotes, treats, etc., despite the wonderful taste, it is very healthy.

Raspberry is rich in anthocyanins, which gives it a nice color. The healing power is stronger than that of strawberries and kiwi.

Raspberry is a very precious piece of fruit, and in ancient times was, admittedly as a wild, more used as a medicine than food.
Today raspberry increasingly finds its place in medicine, but also in cosmetology. It contains the sugars glucose, fructose, sucrose, organic acids-ellagic, malic, citric, salicylic … contains also the essential oil, colored and tannic substances, vitamins C and E.

The beneficial ingredients in many countries is used for diarrhea and eczema, as an extract from the fruit acts against the virus. Extract triggers the pancreas to secrete insulin, which is why it is recommended to lower blood sugar.


Lately more and more to be investigated and action raspberries on malignant cells, because it was found that ellagic acid, which has an enviable amount of seeds found this fruit prevents reproduction of cancer cells. At the same time, prevents DNA damage and not acting on normal cells responsible for immune defense of the organism. To achieve preventive care for malignant diseases, daily body to be entered by 130 grams of fruit, experts advise. Of course you can not replace medicine, but can act preventively.

Traditional medicine has long been recommended to eat fresh raspberries, and successfully removed a fever, stimulate sweating, pure bile, improve ejection of sand from the kidney, strengthen the immune system and heart, normalize blood test.


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