Believe It Or Not: Heal Angina and Sore Throat in 4 Hours!


We almost forgot the treasure of the drugs that we have in legacy from our ancestors, but they still had some tips that are unsurpassed.

Believe It Or Not Heal Angina and Sore Throat in 4 Hours

If you are among those who are struggling with persistent inflammation of the throat and tonsils, or angina, we have good news! Although you thought you have tried all the drugs and nothing worked, there is still one remedy to cure all this in 4 hours.

The recipe is:

-80gr crushed fennel seeds

-pour 200ml water over the fennel seeds and cook them for 15 minutes

-you’ll get a thick stretching mass, resembling of coffee grounds

-strain it and add 50ml water, then again bring it to boil

-remove it from the heat and add one tablespoon of brandy (or cognac)

Take one tablespoon every half an hour. After 2 hours, the pain will be gone, and after four hours you will feel better.

In severe cases of cold, you can drink this medicine more often. It is recommended for those who are prone to sore throat.

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