Best Hair Mask Ever- Against Hair Loss And Regenerating Hair


This is a very effective way because we use strong vitamins that prevent hair loss, strengthen the roots and in combination with nourishing oil and honey help in creating melanin.

To prevent hair loss, strengthen its structure and boost hair growth you need to make this nourishing mask for hair and use it once or twice a week.


Mask against hair loss

How it’s done:

-1 ampulla vitamin B6

-1 ampulla vitamin B12

-1 g of vitamin C in powder

-1 table spoon of castor oil or thistle oil

-1 table spoon of honey

-1 table spoons of hair balsam

Mix these ingredients. Put the compound on your hair before washing. Put on the roots first then spread it throughout its length. Put a cap on your hair or nylon bag. Keep it for one hour and wash it thoroughly.

Try it. Make your hair healthy and beautiful.

Instead of ampulla you can use yeast, which is full of Vitamin B12.

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