Black Radishes To Remove Kidney Stones


The black radish is not much known, but it is a very functional cure against kidney stones.

It was noted that in areas where people eat black radish there is no occurrence of kidney stones. Thus, the experts came up with a simple recipe for fight against kidney stones, which is 1dl of squeezed juice from radish to be taken on an empty stomach.


This juice can dislodge (treat) the stones and prevent their formation.

The black radish is an excellent natural remedy for pain – free melting of the kidney stones and gall bladder.

It should be cut on small slices and squeezed the juice out of it to drink it only after meals because it is very tough and strong and it’s not good for the stomach to be drunk before a meal.

The juice is to be drunk at a dose of 2.5 dl per day, preferably in the morning and in the evening after dinner. You should use only fresh black radish that has a lot of juice and has a totally mat black color, it must not have white spots on its surface.

Wash the radish well, clean it with a knife from wormholes and cut it in thin slices so that you can squeeze 1,25 dl of the juice and drink it every morning and evening after meals. This juice needs to be strained through a gauze and prepare a teaspoon of honey or some water to take right after drinking the it to soften the taste of the juice in the throat.

The radish is to be used for 20 days and the kidney stones will be gone. If you don’t sow radish at home in order to be fresh, then put the ones you buy in a large container with sand and pour water constantly on it to keep it fresh. The radish will develop again in the container and have enough freshness and juice. The main ingredient in the radish for melting kidney stones is precisely in the peel of the radish, so that you must not peel it under any circumstance, but grind it all together on thin pieces and you can eat the rest as a salad.

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