Blacklist Nutritionist: 8 Foods That Cause Cancer And Heart Disease


We are all fascinated with foods that the nutritionists recommend us, because they know what we need, but also know what we should avoid.

Let’s suppose nutritionists are careful about what they take in their organism. Even though they are only human and sometimes honor themselves with not so healthy food, there are some foods that they have sworn, they would never by no means consume.


And if they are running away from them so much, we should probably do that too. Here are the 8 foods that the nutritionists Elissa Goodman, Meryl Pritchardand Kelly Levegue avoid at all means:

  1. Sodas – carbonated beverages

“Sodas are not food, but they are too much consumed in the modern diet. One tin of soda contains 40 g of sugar, and all that contains more than 8g of sugar is considered excessive.” – said Pritchard. Goodman added that artificial sweeteners in soft drinks contribute to obesity and diabetes.

  1. Glucose – fructose syrup

Leveque claims that she avoids this ingredient that is commonly found in fast food and spices “as if they were plaque”. She explains that the fructose is 100% metabolized in the liver and passes through the Millard reaction, namely forming a super oxide radicals that can cause liver inflammation. The syrup also quickly turns into fat faster than any other carbohydrates and is associated with metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

  1. Industrial oil seed

These oils are highly processed and chemically treated, and are typically added aroma so that they could be eaten. “They quickly oxidize, causing a multitude of free radicals. They are full of omega 6, which causes a further imbalance of omega fatty acids in the body.”-says Leveque. Instead of these industrial oils, nutritionists recommend oils that have a high percentage of omega 3 acids and are unsaturated, such as the coconut oil, macadamia and avocado.

  1. Processed soy

Soybean in recent years is recommended for consummation and for avoidance also, approximately in the same measure. But Leveque claims that processed versions of soy should definitely be avoided at all costs. “Free glutamic acid, which is a potent neuro toxin is formed during the processing of soy. Soy phytoestrogens can potentially cause hypothyroidism and lead to infertility, even increase the risk of breast cancer in adult women.”

  1. Meat products

“This meat we usually get from animals that have diseases and are exposed to numerous hormones and antibiotics.” – says Goodman and adds: “they are also full of sodium nitrate, which is used as a chemical flavor enhancer, preservative and color enhancer. When you take them in your body, they are converted into chemicals that cause cancer, and can be found in variety of salami, sausages, ham and bacon.”

  1. Popcorns made in microwave

This type of popcorn is a major health hazard. “Synthetic chemicals are added to the packs, especially in the food service industry, that should prevent leaking out fat.” – explains Goodman. “Popcorns for microwave are full of these chemicals, which, when heated automatically spread themselves in the popcorns. They are harmful for your endocrine system and are linked to the development of cancer, high levels of cholesterol, decreased immunity, thyroid diseases and infertility.”

  1. Margarine

This is a highly processed vegetable oil, packed in trans fatty acids. “It is actually the cheapest oil with the lowest quality” says Goodman. Therefore, it is one of those industrial oils that you should avoid, and during the processing on high temperature, it creates free radicals that increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and hormonal imbalance. In addition, it contains additional additives and chemicals, as well as omega 6 fatty acids.

  1. Fat free foods

Fat free sounds like a good thing, because most of them fats are bad, but these foods are very unhealthy. “The food industry began to replace animal fats with unsaturated vegetable oils that have led to increased consummation of trans fats. In order to compensate, manufacturers have begun to add large amounts of sugar, among the other things.” – says Goodman. In other words, you run the risk gaining weight, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

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