Burger King Admitted Using Horse Meat in Burgers!


Burger King admitted that they have been using steed meat for their whoppers and burgers, even though they have denied these allegations in the past.


The representatives from this fast food chain decided to concede that the tests were not right. They issued a statement last Thursday and showed remorse. They stated that the firm which supplied them with horse meat is called Silvercast. Moreover, this form supplied Center Asda and Tesco with horse meat as well. The substances from this firm have been banned for a year now.

Representatives from Burger Ruler said that they had verified that Silvercast had been using meat which hasn’t been affirmed from Poland who had guaranteed to transport for Irish and English hamburger patties. However, they didn’t do so. For this reason, King Burger has put an end to their collaboration.

Source: www.healthonlinetricks.com

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