Can “Miracle Drink” cure cancer? Expert’s Analysis & View


Cure for cancer – Claim that now a Miracle drink can cure cancer. 
How true this fact is although? Have we really been successful in finding out a cure for lethal cancer?

”Combination of carrot, apple and beetroot saved my life” claims our friend from Japan. This man believes that this miracle drink helped him to battle his cancer.


The wonders of Ayurveda are known to all. Since ancient times the magic and benefits of it have become the talk of the town. This ancient practice which was started by many of our forefathers, prove to be beneficial to us even today. Natural home remedies to a number of ailments, methods to lose weight/ gain weight, wonders of fruits and different kind of fruit-juices, hidden benefits of various vegetables and a range of anti-oxidants and also the ACAI berry have been known to many of us. But now we have a natural Miracle drink added to this list as well!

Bringing about certain changes in one’s diet which may include fruits and vegetables majorly is something that Ayurveda always teaches us. There is no doubt that this change in our diets is not only important for our well-being but also beneficial in a number of many other ways. Our bodies can now strongly fight against many dangerous ailments. All thanks to the study of Ayurveda which teaches us the benefits of a number of fruits and vegetables. History too bears witness to this claim.

But can we now claim as well that a certain type of miracle drink will help us cure cancer? Well, maybe yes. The home remedies suggested by Ayurveda are always tested and tried before hand. It is proven that now papaya leaves are a sure cure to dengue fever. Besides, the home remedy for the blockage of blood heart vessels as discussed at length earlier is also known to be a contribution of Ayurveda.

While gazing through a number of articles and posts, this particular article about the Miracle drink happened to catch my attention. This article was sent to me by Mr. Seto, from Japan. The article said that the so called Miracle drink prevents the formation of bad cells in the body. Not only does it help in this, but the drink also helps to restrain any further cancer growth from advancing.

This gentleman swears that this Miracle drink helped him to battle his lung cancer. The brainchild behind that Miracle drink is known to be an herbalist from China. That herbalist had recommended the miracle concoction to Mr. Seto. After rigorous three months of continuous drinking of the Miracle drink, Mr. Seto manages to restore back his health.

Further reviewing of the article and a deeper study into the subject matter went on to say that the drink can also help to restrain and cure a number of other ailments and cancers. To name a few of its benefits-

-Curing liver, pancreas as well as kidney diseases
-Curing of ulcers
-Strengthening of the lungs
-Prevention of heart attacks as well as high blood pressure
-Strengthening of the Immune System
-Helps in improving of the eyesight
-Eliminating muscle aches
-Detoxifying the body
-Assists in Bowel Movements and also helps in eliminating constipation
-Reducing indigestion
-Curing of throat infections
-Reducing menstrual pain
-Hay Fever Attacks and
-Weight Loss

After reading in depth about the benefits of this drink and also after somewhat being fascinated by it, you too may be tempted to avail to it. Go fetch for a piece of paper and a pen as here’s how you can prepare this Miracle drink –


1 Apple

1 Carrot

1 Beetroot


Mix this concoction well in a juicer. These have to be used enough so as to obtain an 8 ounce drink. To add taste to this drink, lemon can be used.

For best results, one should consume this juice immediately after it’s taken out from the juicer. Thus, we see that this drink is quite simple enough and easy to make.

The article also goes on further to state that this drink is known to not have any side effects. It gets easily absorbed into the body and therefore this adds to its nutritious level. Within 2 weeks the results can be noticed. The immune system will begin to show some kind of improvement.

Are you wondering now when exactly should you consume this drink? Don’t worry! We have an answer to all your questions. This drink ought to be drunk twice a day for better results in the morning on an empty stomach and sometime in the afternoon before 5 pm however. Breakfast should be eaten only an hour after the juice has been consumed.

Now as we reach the climax of this article, I would firstly like to thank my friend. His concern towards my health and his willingness to help me out are something for which I can’t express my gratitude in words alone. I’ve never doubted the role of fruits and vegetables in helping us lead healthier life. However, it came as a big surprise to me that they can help to cure cancer as well!

It may not be known to all that the indigenous people of the Amazon Rain Forest are said to be living healthy lives, free from diseases and ailments mainly due to the ACAI berry that they consume. There may be a slight exaggeration if we say that these people live almost forever. However, there is no denying of the fact that they lead better lifestyles that the average of us. It is important to note that by ‘better’, I only mean ‘healthier’.

Modernization or say Westernization has hit us so badly that we people living in the cities mainly have to rely on drugs and other forms of medication from time to time. Even when diagnosed with diseases like Hepatitis C, we have to look up to doctors and the medication suggested by them.

However, as the saying goes, it’s never too late! It doesn’t mean that we can’t change what we eat and that we can’t moderate how much of what we eat. To avoid diseases and other ailments all we got to do is bring about certain alterations in our diet.

We can all learn from Mr. Seto who claimed to have had nothing but the Miracle drink for around 3 months. This powerful natural mixed juice drink helped him to cure his cancer.

All we require is a determined positive mind. The power of a positive mind can be really amazing. The Miracle drink as well in this case stands out to be something astonishing.

If this post may have helped to add to your knowledge or if this Miracle drink has been beneficial to you or any other known person, I will request you share your thoughts and learning with us by commenting on this post. It can help someone in need


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