Careless Attitude towards Meat may be Hazardous to Health, Especially during the Summer season!

Careless Attitude towards Meat may be Hazardous to Health, Especially during the Summer season!

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Meat is a food that most people consume almost every day. Many people do not know how to treat the meat, and it looks like fresh meat, to be kept and prepared.
Careless attitude towards meat may be hazardous to health especially during the summer months. Learn some things that should not be doing that if you want to protect the body from harmful and potentially harmful bacteria.

Buying meat

Meat should buy carefully. Best avoided what is packed in plastic boxes because you can not see and smell good, and these are the signs that reveal whether it comes to fresh meat and correct or not.

Often, packaging known to be damaged so that I can sneak unhealthy bacteria in meat. The best is to buy meat in butcheries by validated that you know to have fresh meat that you can see and smell.

Washing meat

Most people have the habit to wash meat before preparing or before freezing. Do not do that. It has been proven to be so only spread bacteria on kitchen surfaces, but also for you. Washing it is ideal for the spread of infection, and the water anyway can not remove harmful impurities.

Freezing meat

How to properly freeze the meat, it is best to save it in the bag and squeeze the air out of it. This will prevent drying out which leads to certain processes and create odors. When freezing poultry meat, be sure to remove the skin and fat because it shortens shelf life. Never freeze meat that has been de-iced because it’s ideal for creating bacteria. Meat Do not keep more than six months in the freezer.

Thawing meat

Many people make mistakes because they defrost meat at room temperature. These are ideal conditions for the bacteria that can be dangerous. Instead, remove the meat and leave it in the pan, put it in the fridge because it is the healthiest and most hygienic way to defrost.

Marinating meat

Good to know that marinating meat causes the same effect as the thaw meat at room temperature. So it’s good to do it quickly and get the meat in the fridge so as not to create bacteria. Although the tree healthier material, recommended marinating the meat in plastic sheets as they are better wash and they tend to lag behind bacteria.

Thermal processing of meat

The only way to kill dangerous bacteria in meat is thermal treatment. The problem is that some people prefer less cooked meat into pieces may be bacteria. Experts advise to always choose good heat-treated meat because it is the only way to keep the body from harmful bacteria in meat.

Raw and cooked meat in the fridge

Raw and heat-treated meat hold separately in the refrigerator. The vessels in which the meat is keep away from each other. Why? With raw meat can pass the bacteria on the heat-treated meat then you can eat.

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