Green Juice Recipies for Lowering Cholesterol Levels FAST

Cholesterol is a non-water substance that is soft and waxy. Our body readily produces this soluble element in sufficient amounts based on what we need. Cholesterol isn’t all that bad as it comes in two types: high density and low density lipoproteins. HDL is the good cholesterol, while LDL ... read more

Remove Stretch Marks Fast With These 6 Natural Remedies

Stretch marks are an unpleasant aesthetical issue that affects millions of people nowadays. These marks occur when the skin is stretched, and usually appear on the hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and lower back. The marks are caused by rapid weight loss or weight gain, excessive workouts, hormonal changes and ... read more

7 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Used That Actually Work!

In most of the cases, we don’t listen to our grandparents when it comes to natural remedies, but this article will show you that sometimes we make a huge mistake. Here are several bizarre solutions grandmas come up with, which actually are extremely effective and can solve some problems. ... read more

Say Goodbye To Varicose Veins Naturally

Varicose veins are enlarged, weakened, and visible veins under the skin surface, usually in a dark purple or blue color. It is often caused by various different factors, like genetics, obesity, pregnancy, age, prolonged standing, or straining. When varicose veins appear, they are usually treated with compression techniques, such ... read more

Lemon Ginger Syrup to Melt Fats Away

Are you struggling with those excess weight and accumulated fat around your waist? Then this easy to prepare and natural remedy will help you shrink your waist and lose those pounds without exercising. Try this Lemon Ginger Syrup to Melt Fats Away and Lose Those Pounds! The recipe is ... read more

The Best Home Cures For Belly Flu

Belly flu or gastroenteritis means the gastro tract has inflammation and this is due to some virus inside. There are 4 common virus types for belly flu: astrovirus, adenovirus, callcivirus, rotavirus. This flu can be contagious and in both kids and adults. It is spread through contact and contamination. ... read more

8 Powerful Home Cures For Acidity

Do you have gastro esophageal reflux or acidity also known? And do you have the need for antacids daily? This acid reflux is common named as heartburn. It means this is the pain you have in the chest and up the throat. GERD happens when the bile material, acid ... read more

Lemon and Parsley Syrup to Help Dissolve Kidney Stones

Kidneys act as a filter and removes waste from the body and urine. Kidney stones is one of the most common urinary disorder. Most people who experience kidney stones are from the age range of 30 and 50. But What are kidney stones? Kidney stones are crystals or calcium ... read more