Changes of The Tongue That Show Us Certain Disorders

Changes of The Tongue That Show Us Certain Disorders

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According to Chinese medicine, the condition of our organism is written on our tongue. It is the strongest muscle in human body and is responsible for the taste and for the preparation of the food for chewing. Because of this, if you study it carefully, it can show you if there maybe is some problem with your health.



1.The normal color of the tongue is pink, without teeth marks or change of color with a clear coat which shows normal excretion of the saliva.

2.The thin surface coat with noticeable teeth marks and a couple of red spots on it, can show us vital energy deficit that causes tiredness, bad appetite and too much sweating. It is manifested with mood change, so these individuals are always worried and nervous.

3.The thin yellowish coat in the middle of the tongue surrounded by red area shows problems with colon prison, dehydration and certain skin diseases. This condition is often manifested with bad mood.

4.The fat coat and damaged tongue edges show imbalance of the digestive tract and affinity towards water accumulation in our organism. People with this kind of problem feel like they don’t have energy.

5.Black spots on violet cover show us that there is some block of the circulation in those parts of the body that can cause veining problems, headache, chest pain and skin without glow.

6.The thin white coverage and red point of the tongue show an organism constantly prone to stress caused by unstable emotional condition. The energy in the body is accumulated in knots that cause inflammation processes.


7.Red tongue with yellow thick layer in the middle of the surface shows high body temperature and a possible urinary tract infection, as well as skin problems. People with these problems are often mad and don’t feel comfortable in their body.

8.The thick white coat in the middle of a faint and tumid tongue is a sign of infection, or inflammation connected to some autoimmune disease or a vitamin and mineral deficiency. This condition causes faint tan, spine ache and a feeling that is close to panic.

9.The breaks on the red layer of the tongue show that there is a fungus infection in the body followed by nigh sweating, insomnia and irritation.

10.The tongue whose surface is white and without layers shows a condition of a low circulation in the body and anemia that can cause vertigo and tiredness. People in this condition suffer from loss of concentration and low memory. Women in this condition can also have a hormonal disorder.

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