Coating Which Will Help For Diabetic Foot (The Foot Tingling)


In the programme for natural curing on the Russian Television, the popular physiotherapist Clara Doronina has discovered this recipe for people that have diabetes. She says:

“There are people who have tingles in their feet, or diabetic feet. Especially the people who have diabetes have these difficulties because of the cramps and they are dealing with unbearable pain. The cure is in the following recipe:



100 g of raw potatoes

50 g of horseradish

Oil as much as necessary

How it’s done

Grind or mix 100 grams of well washed, raw potatoes together with the skin. Grind or mix the 50 grams of horseradish also. Mix it all together and add whatever kind of vegetable oil to the mixture to make a fine paste. Make a layer and put it on your feet. Fix it well, so that the layer doesn’t displace.

Do this at night, so that it can work longer. In the morning you will have easiness in your feet.

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