Colchicine, an Ancient Pharaonic Medicine, used to Treat Heart!

Colchicine, an Ancient Pharaonic Medicine, used to Treat Heart!

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The medicine that pharaohs used for rheumatism is effective for treatment of pericarditis ( inflammation of the area around the heart ) .


New research shows that ancient remedy against colchicine  – inflammatory drug for acute gout ( metabolic disease that occurs as a consequence of prolonged high levels of urinary acid in the blood and accumulation of crystals of monosodium joints and other parts of the body ) .

The medicine is tested to 240 patients suffering from pericarditis , which stipulates that reduces the symptoms by half, compared with patients not receiving medication .

Pericarditis is a condition when you have severe pain in the chest , which is repeated in 42.5 % of the respondents did not take medication with 21.6 taking colchicine .

After a three-day treatment , only 19.2 % of patients colchicine continues to have symptoms , compared with those who were over 44 % , which is not receiving colchicine

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