Our Complete Guide To Peeling Fruits And Vegetables


From how to peel a head of garlic in 10 seconds to how to cut a mango and the super easy way to peel ginger, these 13 tips and techniques will change the way you work with produce. Let the learning begin!


Use a knife to streamline the root, removing all “bumps”. Then, hold the ginger in one hand and use the tip of your spoon to scrape off the peel.



Cut the top and bottom edges. Make a lateral incision. Split the tangerine.


Cut the top and bottom edges. Use a teaspoon to separate the flesh from the skin. Push on one end to slide the skin off.


Roast the nuts for about 20-30 minutes. Place the nuts on a kitchen towel and wrap it around them. Roll the towels as if you’re using a rolling pin (this will separate the skins from the nuts).


Place a whole head on a flat, hard surface and “smack” it with your hand. The cloves will separate. Put all cloves into a bowl. Use a second bowl to create a closed container. Shake it well for a few seconds.


Gently peel the husk from the top of the corn, where the dark “hairs” are. Pull the husk leaves off and grab them. With your other hand, grab the cob and pull the skin off in one smooth motion. Break the stem off and clear away any leftover “hairs”.



Cut an ‘X’ shape at the top part of the chestnuts. Place the chestnuts on an aluminum foil strip, and fold it into a container with a small hole at the top. Pour a quarter of a cup of water into the “container” and roast it in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 180°c (350°F).


Cut the avocado horizontally. Separate both sides and insert a small knife between the skin and the flesh. Spin the avocado around to separate the skin. Pull off the skin.


Separate both sides of the mango along the seed. Cut into the sides in a crisscross pattern (try not to cut the skin). Hold the piece and use your thumb to push the skin into the flesh as seen above. Cut the squares into a bowl.


Roll the orange on a flat surface. Apply some pressure to soften it up. Cut an incision near the top of the orange. Insert a spoon into the incision. Use the spoon to separate the skin from the flesh.


Insert a fork into the top of the tomato. Roast the tomato over a medium flame until the skin splits. Let the tomato cool down, then simply pull the skin off.


Boil the potatoes until they’re cooked. Place the cooked potatoes in a bowl of ice water for 15 seconds. You can now pull the skin off the potato with your hands.


Make a small X at the base of the peach with a paring knife. Dip in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Slip off the skins.

Source: www.ba-bamail.com

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