Cure All Pain In 15 Minutes With Your Fingers!


This is an interesting and simple method to harmonize the whole body. Learn how to heal the pain in your body just by using your fingers….if you want to affect an organ, just take your finger and hold it for 3-5 minutes, you will immediately notice the difference.



Organs: stomach and spleen

Emotions: depression and anxiety

Physical symptoms: abdominal pain and headache

Index finger

Organs: kidneys and bladder

Emotions: disappointment and fear

Physical symptoms: toothache, sore muscles and back

Middle finger

Organs: liver and gall bladder

Emotions: indecision and rabies

Physical symptoms: migraines, circulation problems and menstrual pain

Ring finger

Organs: colon and breast

Emotions: sadness and negativity

Physical symptoms: asthma and respiratory problems

Little finger

Organs: heart and intestines

Emotions: anxiety and lack of self-esteem

Physical symptoms: bone pain, stomachache, throat and heart

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