Dates as a Natural Multivitamin BOMB, has a High Nutritional Value!

Dates as a Natural Multivitamin BOMB, has a High Nutritional Value!

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Here’s why you should eat at least seven fruits of date palm per day. 7 date palm weighs about 70 grams, 70 grams of these date palm have a dose of 70 mg of calcium which is good for bones, joints and nerves, 35 mg of phosphorus, which is food for your brain and 7 mg of iron which strengthens your body in general, and heart . Also suitable for weight loss because they contain 0.25 grams of fat.

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These foods stimulate and regulate bowel with 10 g of fiber which contains seven of these fruits. In times past Dates are called “bread in the desert “because these fruits are scientists investigated and proven that this fruit has a high nutritional value. Dates containing 80 percent carbohydrates, along with proteins, minerals, vitamins and low in fat, contain no cholesterol and LDL are very healthy. Dates contain natural sugars that are broken down and digested, and are therefore suitable for the stomach and intestine in children.

Dates stimulate the uterus through regulate and accelerate its work. Dried Dates are ideal for eating those engaged in intellectual work, because they stimulate mental activity and concentration. In case you are bothering with insomnia, take the 5 date palm, and you will sleep like a baby.

 Facts about Date Palm:

• While drought palms are harvested while young palm leaves are eaten as a vegetable.

• In southeastern Spain, dates filled with roasted almonds, served wrapped in bacon.

• In many countries, old palm date palm leaves are used for the manufacture of apparel.

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