Did You Know How Much Sugar Is Contained In The Ketchup That You Use Every Day?



Your favorite fast food adding is actually full of sugar, even more than you can imagine!

The ketchup is an aromatic adding of the food made of tomatoes, different kind of cut vegetables and spices. And let’s not forget – sugar!

For many of us the ketchup is part of the sandwiches, hamburgers, fries and the rest of the fast food. Although, your favorite adding of the fast food is actually full of sugar, even more than you can imagine!

One tablespoon of ketchup contains 4g of sugar, while a small package of it served in the fast food restaurants contains more than 2g.

The recommended daily dose of sugar is 10% of the whole food you eat, approximately 50-60 g, and this quantity includes the sugar in the other ingredients, like the fruit.

The sparkling drinks, beer, sweets and the juices contain sugar the most

The sugar is actually most guilty of the outbreak of fatness in the west countries, that leads to many health issues like diabetes or heart diseases.

No matter the many warnings from the doctors and the nutritionists for the dangers of the sugar, a man approximately during a lifetime eats 1,75 tons of sugar.

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