Did You Know That You Can Grow Your Lemon Tree in Your Mug?


Raising lemon tree from the seed is a very interesting thing, especially for the children, who can see the planting and the growth of the plant after they drink the lemonade. Even though the lemon blooms as a young herb, the fruits come after several years.

Did you know that you can plant lemon tree in your mug?


You will only need soil and seed.

Choose the biggest seeds from the lemon or grapefruit and rip the outer skin from it.

Pour water over them and leave it for 6-7 days. Change the water every day.

While pouring water over them, the seeds are getting covered by a gelatin skin, which is normal.

Put several stones on the bottom of the mug to make drainage. After this fill the mug with wet soil. Put the seeds in the soil with the sharp edge to the bottom, leaving 5mm of space between them.

After this cover the seeds with massive sand.

Don’t forget to sprinkle the surface with water 2-3 days. You can cover the mug with nylon paper.

Continue to sprinkle it with water for another 2 days to help their growth.

In 7-8 days you can see the first growths.

If there are many growths, you can plant them in another bowl so that there is enough space.

After 3-5 months, when the seedlings grow, you should choose the strongest and most beautiful, replant them in bigger separate bowls. The composition of the soil should be the same.

Although, don’t expect the plant to grow if you don’t graft it, but with a good care the plant can grow in a very beautiful and glamorous plant.

The lemon loves to take showers. It needs to be cooled, fed with citrus food and if possible bring it out. If you have a yard, you can plant it together with the vase on a sunny place during the summer.

During winter, the lemon loves bright and fresh rooms, with no ice, of course. Water it temperately, only when the soil is almost dry. If some the leaves fall off, you don’t have to worry, it’s completely natural. In the spring you can cut it, in a very short time there will be new branches and it will grow to a beautiful and rich plant.

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