Discover in Other Ways, Except for Tea of Course, The Used Tea Bag Can Make Intelligent Use Before it is Dropped


Discover in other ways, except for tea of course, the used tea bag can make intelligent use before it is dropped.

Re-use of already cooked and used tea bags is nothing new. In ancient China tea was burned in the summer evenings to protect against unwanted insects.


1.Remove the redness and swelling of the eyes

Soak tea bags in cold water and put them on the eyelids. After a few minutes the tea will remove redness and swelling, your eyes will again look fresh and rested as you will and rejuvenate. In the same way the bag can be used for conjunctivitis.

2.Clean your house

Tea can remove grease and dirt from the mirrors, floors, even with linoleum. Once you have prepared the potion again simply dip the bag in warm water and so do the cleaning agent. It can clean and worktops in the kitchen and wooden surfaces and furniture. Just make sure you get a good wiping to avoid stains. To refresh the old carpet, just to put it dried tea bags. Let it stand for at ten minutes, and then they can easily vacuumed.

3.Refresh clothing and shoes

Dried used tea bags put on the plate and in the closet, thus your clothes smelling nice. Put one bag in each shoe and remove odors from shoes.

4.Nourish your plants

Used tea bags can be excellent organic manure for houseplants because tea contains many nutrients for plants. Stir the bag into the ground, and you can remove the tea leaves from the bag and mix them with soil and they will make the country better absorb water and any residual moisture from the tea.

5.Pain relief

If you have a painful sore mouth, soak the used tea bag in water and bite it. The healing properties can help alleviate pain and accelerate the healing of wounds. This method also helps stop bleeding after extracted tooth.

6.Alleviate sunburn and remove acne

If you have acne or sunburn, wash the affected area with cold water in which the aged used tea bags. Repeat a couple of times and you will feel a pleasant cooling, relief and calm skin that will once again become healthy.

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