Diseases That Are Caused By Dehydration


Lack of fluids in the bloodstream leads to dehydration. Dehydration can be easily prevented by drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can lead to a number of health related problems and diseases.


Dehydration Causes Nausea and Headaches

The first signs of dehydration are nausea and headaches. People who are especially susceptible to dehydration are the elderly and children. When the weather is very hot, these groups of people need to drink plenty of water and they also need to be reminded that they have to drink water. Therefore, if you have nausea or a headache, drink water prior to taking a pill.

Dehydration Can Lead to Kidney Problems

Dehydration can lead to stones formation and kidney failure. Kidney stones form in the urine and they are calcium deposits, and they sometimes form as a consequence of dehydration. These stones go through the urethra and the bladder and they cause great pain. By drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, you can significantly reduce the chances of kidney stones formation. However, if you have a stone, you can help it pass by drinking plenty of water.

Dehydration Can Cause Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps can be very painful and the best way to prevent them is to stay hydrated and stretch out the muscles after exercising. Staying hydrated is crucial if doing exercise more than an hour, and particularly if the weather is very hot.


Drink Water and Reduce the Risk of Stroke, Plaque and Heart Attack

Dehydration can lead to circulatory problems. The blood volume reduces as you become more dehydrated. Plague and high cholesterol cause strokes and heart attacks. When the blood flows easier, the heart beats better as well. Therefore, the chances of a heart attack are reduced if the body is hydrated.

The List of Diseases is Quite Long and the Cure is Very Simple

The above mentioned problems are just few on the list. Dehydration can also cause the following conditions:


Water is not costly and everybody can afford it. You can stay hydrated by drinking any fluid, as long as it is caffeine and alcohol free. However, water is the healthiest and the best option.


Source: positivemed.com

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